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Same Old

Vooo's third solo record, released via Radio Juicy, featuring collaboration with artists such as Bad Snacks and Braxton Cook, mixed by Cole Williams

The Great Beyond

Single on College Music's In The Loop compilation record, available on vinyl and streaming


The final single from Vooo's album "Same Old" with saxophone by Braxton Cook, released via Radio Juicy

Don't Let It Go to Your Head (Deluxe)

theMIND's re-vamped Deluxe Edition record featuring Phoelix, Saba, Kari Faux, Femdot, Davionne and more. What Good Is (feat. Adam Ness) prod. Vooo

Inspiration is Everywhere

The second single from Vooo's album "Same Old" released via Radio Juicy


The first single from Vooo's album "Same Old" released via Radio Juicy


A collaborative record with saxophonist Nicole McCabe and producer 10.4 Rog

Fixed Figures

Vooo's second solo record, self produced

Saturn - EP

Swan Hil's debut EP, produced by Vooo

if it resonates..

Stoney Creation's debut EP, produced by Vooo, featuring Omari Jazz and released via Minaret Records

Plus 100

Single released with Hip Dozer Records


The second single and music video from Stoney Creation's album "If It Resonates..." released via Minaret Records

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