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A library of 1,500 samples performed on a Columbia Records Vintage Rhodes. 100% of proceeds go to Black, Trans and houseless communities in Oakland.

The inspiration to create this library was to give producers and musicians the only collection of rhodes chords they will (probably) ever need. So rather than making a sample pack of a few various chords in various keys, I recorded a full and comprehensive library of every chord I frequently use, each with unique additional voicings and multiple articulations, and in all 12 keys. 

The Samples:

1,500 royalty-free WAV files (2.57GB)

Individually recorded by Vooo on a Columbia Records Vintage Fender Rhodes Mk I

15 voicings, 4 articulation and length varieties in ALL 12 keys

+30 bonus loops & riffs

2 full banks: processed and dry

PDF guide for navigating the library and understanding the voicings

Example 1
Example 2

My goal was for the people using this library to create rhodes progressions which seem to have been played live. To achieve this, each set of 750 samples was recorded individually, without any pitching shortcuts or cropping, so every file is subtly distinct and unquestionably human. This library has absolute consistency in recording quality (as opposed to a messy collage of conflicting rhodes sounds when using multiple packs) and guarantees you will never be missing a chord in the exact key you want. Additionally, to account for each individual's preferences, there are three levels of harmonic extension for each chord type, ranging from simple and tasteful to heady and unrestrained.

The Proceeds: 

100% of proceeds will be split evenly between The East Oakland Collective and direct payments to Black Trans individuals in the Bay Area for rent assistance, gender affirming resources and other crowdfunding efforts. (I will be carefully documenting sales, keeping a detailed record of payments and posting screenshots for accountability if the recipients are comfortable with it.)


"Like many urban cities across the United States, Oakland, CA is experiencing high rates of displacement and gentrification of Black neighborhoods. Deep East Oakland is where you will still find the largest population of Black residents. We want to get ahead of the curve of gentrification, prevent further displacement and stabilize our neighborhoods."


       - East Oakland Collective

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