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You Are Held Here

I worked with Motion Pacific Incubator artist/director Chloe Rosen, media designer Spencer Doughtie and a company of 10 dancers to create the score for this evening length dance piece which explores radical softness and queer community. The music for this series of shows was performed and mixed live using Ableton Push and alto sax.


Sequoyah Birthplace Museum

I was hired by media director Jesse Heinzen to create an orchestral soundtrack accompanying the 

multimedia exhibit "The Transformation" for the Sequoyah Birthplace Museum in Vonore, TN. I 

composed and produced this soundtrack to support and enhance the museum's "centerpiece" exhibit.


The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui

I worked with director Erik Pearson to compose and arrange a 1930's era jazz noir soundtrack to his production of Bertolt Brecht's play. I collaborated with friend and trumpeter Camellia Boutros to create the soundtrack which was performed live by a 4 piece jazz ensemble that I directed and played piano with (see us performing in our crow's nest, stage left).

Somewhere Which is Nowhere

I composed and produced the soundtrack for the short film "Somewhere Which is Nowhere" which was written and directed by Phillip Henri.


I collaborated with choreographer Chloé Rosen to produce a track 

for her piece "ctrl+alt+self" for the University of Santa Cruz's dance production Random With A 

Purpose. I composed this track towork in tandem with the 

conceptual themes of the piece through sampling and experimental production methods. Although the video recording of this piece cannot be shared, the music can be heard below:

ctrl+alt+self -
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